Are you tired of being rushed through your appointment, feeling like no one listens, no one understands and you just can’t get any relief?

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Serenity is focused on you! Our practitioners are here to listen, support, explore and educate each one of you. Our focus is not on filling up timeslots but instead, taking time to break down the root of the problem, understand how you got there and develop a plan to get you back to health. We are more than just a group of practitioners, we are a collaboration, a community, working together, to maximize all opportunities to get you healthy and on your journey to wellness.

Our Services

At Serenity Healing & Wellness, we offer a variety of holistic healing services and the opportunity to become empowered in your own healing journey. We offer an assortment of classes and educational opportunities so that you can learn more about your body, your ailments, and ways to improve your overall health and quality of life. Here at Serenity, you’re not just another appointment, you are part of a community of collaborative holistic healers and thinkers who are fully invested in your journey to health.



Acupuncture is the mechanism in which Chinese Medicine is applied to the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted in several thousands of years of research, study and practice. The Medicine looks at the entire body, each of its systems and how they interact with each other to determine where the root of the body’s disharmony stems from.

Red Light therapy


Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy helps your cells not only perform at the level they already should be but also gives them an added energy supercharge! It is most widely known for improving skin and sleep, providing pain relief and healing, anti-aging and for increases in energy.

Classes & Events

We offer classes and events which provide valuable resources, learning opportunities and ways to foster connections for both our patients and our practitioners.

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